Saturday, November 23, 2019

If You are Surfing to Resolve a Health or Life Crisis:

Energy is a fusion of hope & science.
People are energy bodies living within a universe of  energy where every thought, emotion, word, event, relationship & circumstance are physical energy forms that stick in our minds, bodies and souls, like arrows armed to kill or cure.
Treatments that do not work with energy, which our friend Einstein identified as the creative element of everything, miss the mark.
I work with Christ Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Reiki and other techniques to assess, realign, remove, repair, connect & disconnect at the source of the problem to shift energy, which can create a healing response.
Distance treatments are available to anyone anywhere who is sick, suicidal, stuck in bad circumstances or needs to disconnect from a toxic relationship on request.
Use the contact form to inquire about a personalized treatment or to be placed on a free  treatment list for health, prosperity and love.
1st & 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner & Releasing Toxic Relationships TBA 

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